U.S Embassy Opens in Jerusalem Israel

I know this topic is controversial, but I want to talk about it.

Sometime Last year, President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the true Capital of Israel. As he should. Because God chose Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. It’s where Jesus our Lord and savior walked on this earth.

King David is the one who founded and conquered Jerusalem from enemies that were inside it at the time.

The President said that they would move their embassy to Jerusalem. It just opened yesterday. I watched the ceremony on YouTube.

No matter what people say, Israel has the right to exist as a Nation, Because God through Jesus Christ Our Lord And Savior, has a Covenant with Israel.

I am happy that a U.S president has guts to recognize Jerusalem as the true Capital of Israel. And that man who has guts is Donald J Trump.

I am proud to be an American, but I’m also a strong supporter of Israel.

I pray that The Lord will continue to protect Israel.

Jesus loves you all. We shall continue to share the loving message of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior Across this earth.


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