About Josiah, The Secret Weapon

Josiah created this blog to first of all archive his work at carepages.com.  Carepages is going to cease operations 10-31-17 & he wanted to preserve his writings & interactions at JosiahTheOvercomer.carepages.com.  The Overcomer page was filled with his thoughts, praises, prayers, & Psalm-like declarations of worship for the Lord.  There are also comments from people that were praying for Josiah during his Liver Transplant…

After capturing all of the Overcomer material it remains to be seen how Josiah The Secret Weapon will develop.  Josiah also blogs at


He is passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ & America & his love of God & country shows!

Valerie Curren, Josiah’s mother, assisted him in transferring all of the posts at his carepage site.  She also wrote this “About” page.  If you are interested in more information about Josiah’s life & journey you can check out her archive of a more detailed account of Josiah’s Liver Transplant journey, before, during, & after at


Valerie also blogs periodically at SpecialConnections.wordpress.com on wide-ranging topics, but many aspects of that blog also directly & indirectly deal with Josiah’s life & managing his needs in medical, educational, interpersonal, spiritual, & social domains.

Josiah’s CarePage blog, JosiahTheOvercomer.carepages.com, represents a big change in Josiah’s communication life.  Up until the point he started CarePages, November 3, 2015, he had only limited communications outside of the family or Respite Care workers.  Prior to the creation of the Overcomer page he occasionally used my Jazzman Care Page to share some thoughts with the many people that had been praying for him during his Liver Transplant experience.  These Overcomer posts, now archived here at Josiah The Secret Weapon, really showcase Josiah’s tender heart for the Lord & his developing communication style.  All of this from a young man of whom the “experts” once said “he’ll never walk nor talk nor ever read nor right”.  When it comes to Josiah only God (literally) knows what, if any, limits will be imposed on his life!!!

God Bless You All,

Valerie Curren, Josiah’s mother

PS, all of the archived JosiahTheOvercomer posts were presented “as is” from carepages (with one or two spelling &/or punctuation changes throughout).  I did, however, take a small amount of liberty in naming these JosiahTheSecretWeapon posts.  Most names were those used at CarePages, sometimes with a date or “duplicate” or (voice) added.  We didn’t eliminate any duplicate posts, especially because any messages attached to them would have been lost.  The communications of others with Josiah are also part of the beauty of his journey into further online & written interactions, at least to me–Enjoy!!!

Here is a link, for your convenience, to Josiah’s first CarePage Post:


PS  Here is a snapshot of Josiah’s Community from his original CarePage blog:

My Community

14 visitors total
468 messages total


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